Best oral presentation


  • Received during the 17th Conference of the European Society for Toxicology In Vitro (16-19/10/2012, Lisbon-Portugal) for the presentation “The effect of epigenetic modification on drug transporters in primary hepatocyte cultures”

  • Received during the 18th Forum of Pharmaceutical Sciences (28-29/05/2015, Blankenberge-Belgium) for the presentation “Inhibition of pannexin1 channels alleviates acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in mouse”

Mathieu Vinken Award.jpg

 Best poster presentation

  • Received during the 3rd Annual Meeting of the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (03/11/2008, Brussels-Belgium) for the poster “Establishment of an in vitro model of liver cell death”

  • Received during the 5th Annual carcinoGENOMICS Consortium Meeting (08-10/11/2010, Arona-Italy) for the poster “Epigenetically-stabilized primary hepatocyte cultures: a sensitive in vitro tool for hepatocarcinogenicity screening”

  • Received during the International Gap Junction Conference (28/03-02/04/2015, Valparaiso-Chile) for the poster “The role of connexin43 hemichannels in limbic seizures”

  • Received during the XXIV Semana Científica Benjamin Eurico Malucceli (14-16/10/2015, São Paulo-Brazil) for the poster “Connexin32 signaling attenuates liver damage, liver steatosis and lipid peroxidation in a mouse model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease”.



Best paper

  • Received from the Universidade de São Paulo-Brazil (2015) for the paper by Vinken M., Maes M., Oliveira A.G., Cogliati B., Marques P.E., Menezes G.B., Zaidan Dagli M.L., Vanhaecke T., Rogiers V. (2014) Primary hepatocytes and their cultures in liver apoptosis research. Archives of Toxicology 88: 199-212

  • Received from the Universidade de São Paulo-Brazil (2016) for the paper by Willebrords J., Veloso Alves Pereira I., Maes M., Crespo Yanguas S., Colle I., Van Den Bossche B., Da silva T.C., Oliveira C.P., Andraus W., Alves V.A., Cogliati B., Vinken M. (2015) Strategies, models and biomarkers in experimental non-alcoholic fatty liver disease research. Progress in Lipid Research 59: 106-125



  • Dr. Karel-Lodewijk Verleysen Award of the Royal Academy of Medicine (Belgium, 2014) for the research “Connexin and pannexin hemichannels as biomarkers and drug targets in liver disease”

  • Galen Award for Pharmacology (Belgium, 2018) for the research “Cellular communication as a novel pharmacological target for the treatment of liver disease”