Cosmetics Europe project tests model for predicting repeat-dose toxicity - Four 'pillars' of knowledge needed to predict the toxicity of new chemicals

Chemical Watch | 02 May 2019

A Cosmetics Europe-funded project is evaluating a system for assessing repeat-dose toxicity without using animal tests. The ‘mode-of-action ontology model’ was developed by experts from industry and academe and comprises four ‘pillars’ of knowledge needed to predict the toxicity of new chemicals.

These are: kinetics; chemistry; mechanisms; and toxicology.....

Mathieu Vinken Award 2.jpg

VUB professor Mathieu Vinken wins Galenus Award

VUB Today | 18 June 2018

VUB professor and ERC grantee Mathieu Vinken received the Galenus Award in Pharmacology for his groundbreaking research on liver diseases. His research project opens a promising path for people with liver pathologies and could lead to new drugs and clinical treatments in the years to come...

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Top scientist Mathieu Vinken towards better treatment of liver disease - Mission Healthy Liver

VUB Today | 13 MARCH 2017

Liver disease is the fifth most common cause of death worldwide. Transplantation offers a treatment, but not enough livers are available for transplantation. Scientists are therefore searching for other ways to tackle liver disease and save lives. Professor Mathieu Vinken and his team on VUB’s Jette Campus are a driving force behind this lofty ambition...